Membership application procedures and related rules

1. Persons who wish to apply to the JAES must to agree to the rules of the Society. After completing the document providing your personal information obtained from the link below, please send it to our contact e-mail address.

>>>Membership application form(English)

2. The secretariat will send you a transfer form at a later date, and please pay the following membership fee (annual amount) by postal transfer.

3. After paying the membership fee, your membership will be determined after an inspection by the standing secretariat (once every two months).

The amount of the membership fee is as follows.

a) Individual members
Normal Individual Member: 5,000 yen a year
Senior Member: 3,000 yen a year (over 60 years old, membership history 10 years or more, not in a full-time job)
Student Member: 3,000 yen a year (graduate students, research students, etc.)
b) Subscription Member: 10,000 yen a year
c) Supporting Member: 20,000 yen a year

When transferring the membership fee, please send it by postal transfer form inside our journal Human and Environment or to the following account without delay.

Postal transfer account
Account number: 00110-5-88087
Account name: 日本環境学会

Japan Post Bank transfer account
Branch Number: 019
Account number: 0088087
Recipient name:ニホン カンキョウ ガッカイ

< Registration of contact email address>
The JAES will use your email address to contact you from the secretariat and for sending you the email newsletter of the JAES. Please note.

We will use the personal information that you provide for enrollment processing, the sending of academic journals, our mailing list, the election of officers, communication between members and the incidental matters related to these activities. Your name, affiliation and major will be published in our journal Human and Environment.

In addition, some of our operations may be outsourced to contractors entrusted by the JAES. When using these contractors, we will manage the contractor as necessary and appropriate so that personal information can be safely managed.